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Please note, that not all of these features will be available with all accounts.  To see an example of the intuitive easy to operate interface of our account holders, click here.

Control Panel  Basics

There are three main components to the Control  Panel:

Account Quick View: This  section allows you to see basic account information, such as your username,  your package, and your account status.
Resource  Meter: Shows how much of your resources (such as email address,  traffic, etc) you have used, and how much you have free.
Tool Kit: This section of the CP lists all the options  available. Which options are available for use will depend upon which package  has been chosen.

Another feature of the Control Panel is the Control Panel Link in the top  right-hand corner of each page. Choosing this link from any location in the CP  will return you to the main menu.

Account  Management

The Account Management Option will give you a detailed  description of you Account Information. It includes your username, your  package option, your activation date, contract length, etc.


This Option sets up anonymous FTP to allow users to  upload and download files to and from your site.

Archive  Manager

The Archive Manager will allow the user to backup and  compress their files. For example, if you have a number of files for which you  wish to keep a backup, you can select all the files, then create a backup file  that contains all of them in compressed format. Note that the compressed file  will count against your disk quota.

Billing  History

This Option will show this account's entire billing  history. It will also display your current payment balance.

Change  Password

This will allow the user to change their password. Note  that this will change the ftp and Control Panel password, but *not* the email  password. To change the email password, use the Mail Manager.


From this option, you can verify that the counter program is installed for  your account. Also, you can find directions for setting up a counter on one of  your pages. Finally, after the counter has been installed on your pages, you  can set the value of the counter from here.

File  Manager

The File Manager is a very powerful feature. It allows  you to manipulate all the files in your web site. You are able to create,  delete, and move your files. You can also upload files from your local PC to  the server in File Manager. Plus, you can edit the HTML in any of your files  from this option. Everything you need to manage your site can be found in this  feature.


Formmail allows you to use a form to receive email from your users. Directions for using Form-mail can be found under this option.


There are three options under the "Help" icon:

  • Getting Started: The Getting Started Page is the one  that you are currently in. It give a brief summary of all the features of the Control Panel.

  • KnowledgeBase: The KnowledgeBase is a support database containing answers to many of the questions you may have in regards to managing your site.

  • Support Forum: The Support Forum is a place in which you  can ask support questions, and have them answered by other users.

Mail  Manager

The Mail Manager is where you can manage all aspects of  your email accounts. You can add, edit, and delete email accounts. You can  also change the password on any of your email accounts. Plus, if you have  Mailing Lists installed, you would go here to set them up. Finally, this is  where you go if you wish to set up email aliases.

Mailing  List

This Options allows you to install the Mailing List  program. After it has been installed, you need to create and maintain your  mailing lists with the Mail Manager. You can also remove the mailing list  program after it has been installed if you do not wish to use it.

Mime  Types

MIME Types allows you to set certain programs to be  used for specific extensions. For example, all files that end in .ram would be  set to use Real Player on the user's PC. Most users do not need to use this  feature. Also, note that you cannot use this feature if you have Frontpage  Extensions installed. You would need to use Frontpage itself to perform this  function.

MS  Frontpage

The MS Frontpage option allows you to install Frontpage  extensions - which are necessary in order to use Frontpage with your site. You  can also verify that they are installed, or remove them if you do not wish to  use them anymore.

MySQL  Database

MySQL is a database engine that you can use with your  web site. This feature of the CP will allow you to create a new MySQL  database, and manage it. You will be able to add/edit/delete tables, fields,  and values. You can also run queries on the database if you need to.


Using this feature, you can set up your own virtual  Name Servers, which allows you to register your site using name servers with  your own domain name.

Network  Trouble Shooter

The Network Trouble Shooter allows you to perform a  traceroute from our server to your local PC. You may also trace from your web  site on our server to any other location on the Internet. A traceroute shows  the path that information travels over the Internet to go from one location to  another. If you are experiencing slowness or problems when connecting to your  web site, you can use this to see a snapshot of where the problem is  occuring.


This option will display the different issues of the  company newsletter


This option will allow you to set up your PGP key on  the server. This allows you to use PGP in your scripts or with our PGPMail  script.You must first have PGP installed on your local PC, and create a PGP  key pair before uploading the key to the server.


PGPMail is simply the Formmail script, except that it  encrypts the email via PGP before it is sent to the client. This option  includes directions for using PGPMail. Note that you must upload your PGP key  before you can use this script.

Protect  Directories

Using this option, you can password-protect any  directory you own. This will prevent users from viewing the contents of a  directory unless they have permission. You can set any number of users using  this feature. Note that you cannot use this feature if you have Frontpage  Extensions installed. You would need to use Frontpage itself to perform this  function.

Redirect  URL

Redirect URL allows you to set up a redirection so that  user that type in one URL will automatically be sent to another URL. Note that  you cannot use this feature if you have Frontpage Extensions installed. You  would need to use Frontpage itself to perform this function.

Search  Engine

This feature will allow you to install and manage the  WebGlimpse Search Engine on your site. This Search Engine will allow your  users to perform searches on your web site.

Shopping  Cart

The Shopping Cart feature installs or removes the  AlaCart Shopping Cart program on your site. After it is installed, you are  given directions for managing the Cart.

Site Creation  Tool

This is a graphical web-based program that gives you the ability to set up  your web site from scratch, without any knowledge of HTML, or the use of a  program like MS FrontPage. After the site is created, you can make it your  main domain's page, or you can have it be a subdirectory under your main  domain.

Site  Statistics

The Site Statistics feature gives you access to your  site's web statistics, such as hits, transfers, etc.


If you need telnet access to our servers, it can only  be done using SSH. We have it set up to use RSA authentication. You will need  to create a key using your PC's SSH software, then use this feature to upload  the key to our servers. Once it is uploaded, you will be able to connect to  our servers using SSH.


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