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The means by which one protects their websites directories using  .htaccess and .htpasswd files.

I have a directory that I want to keep private and only allow access to certain individuals, can I do this on Speedy Serve?
Absolutely, using your Administrators Control Panel, you can password any directory on your website.  Just make sure that you don't password protect your home directory or nobody will be able to visit your site, unless of course that is your intention.

How do I control who has access to the private directories?
Again, in the Administrators Control Panel, you will be shown a drop down selection list of all the directories in your website, you simply choose a directory to work with, and press Load.  On the following page, you will be given the opportunity to enter a username and password combination.  This will allow the user that you input access to that directory, but nobody else.

How many people can have access to my private directories?
How many would you like to have access to your private directories?  Theoretically, you can have unlimited users that have access to your private directories.

How many directories can I protect using the .htaccess method on your servers?
As many as you like.  Again though, be carefull not to protect your root directory else nobody will be able to access your site, unless they are users in your .htaccess file.  Unless of course this is what you wish to accomplish.

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