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What version of Perl do we run?
We run the latest version of perl, currently version 5.04

Where is perl located on your servers?
Perl is located in /usr/local/bin
You will need to know this inorder to setup any cgi scripts that you wish to run on your site.

Do I have to put my cgi scripts in any particular directory within my site?
No, you can run your scripts from any directory within your website other than cgi-bin.  cgi-bin is reserved for the scripts that we provide you and if you create a cgi-bin directory within your site, your scripts will not be found.

What extension do my scripts have to be.
You scripts should have the extension of .cgi in order for our servers to execute them.

My scripts won't run, they just display as text files or give me an error.
One of the most common reasons that a cgi script won't operate is that it has been uploaded to the server as binary instead of ascii or you have not set the permisions correctly.  The correct executable permissions for a script to execute on our servers is 755.

Where can I get more information on Perl and cgi scripts.
A really good place to get information on the Perl language is located at
And a great place to pick up some cgi scripts and make your site more interactive can be found at

Does Speedy Serve do any cgi or Perl programming?
Yes we do have a perl programmer on our staff, and perl programming is offered on a job by job basis.  Please
contact our programmer with your needs. Please note, that our programmer does not program for people that are not customers of Speedyserve.com 

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